Monday, September 7, 2009

A Question, An Idea and A Consideration

Question--Who reads this thing anyway? Will you leave your name and location in the comment section? This thing's aimed mainly at friends and family, but I'm curious if anyone who doesn't know me is reading. I know it's narcissistic to ask, but really--everything about a blog is narcissistic.

Idea--I want to post something about my piano students in a few weeks, but I'll have to ask their permission. Then they'll want to read my blog. Then I'll have to be careful about some of the things I post. Is it worth it? They are so interesting as a group, and so unique as individuals. It would make a great post . . . I think.

Consideration--I'm considering posting the first chapter of my novel. My purpose would be to see if it interests anyone other than my family or even people who don't know me and my family (if there are even any readers who don't know me). I would like to know if it grabs you from the beginning, if you want to read more when you're done. The first chapter of a book is pretty important as it has to set the tone, interest the reader and establish some themes. If you readers think it's a good idea to post a rough draft of the chapter, let me know. If not, tell me that. If you don't think it's a good idea to post it where anyone and his or her mother can read it and steal it if they wish, give me your email address, and I'll email you. (It occurs to me that the previous sentence could possibly be a run-on. It felt like one, anyway.

Comments, please! (If you have difficulty posting to my blog, you can contact me on Facebook under the name "Melissa Chapman Keaster.")


Deanne Cooper said...

Please post the first chapter!!! I cannot wait to read it! I love reading everything that you write.

Morgan said...

I read and enjoy your blog. Although I don't always see when you make new posts. I say go for it with posting the 1st chapter. Artistic works can never be truly protect. You just have to take the precautions you can and hope for the best. If some idiot decides to steal your chapter the rest of the book will still be different and not as good as yours. LOl

Morgan Tucker
Ruston, LA

MelissaKeaster said...

Whew!At least my mom isn't my only reader! :0)

Erica said...

I read it! And I'd love to read the first chapter!

theatremomma said...

I read it!!!!! I'd LOVE to read your first chapter! I understand completely your hesitation about your students becoming connected with your blog. Really. You may have to censor yourself when you don't want to, so is it worth it?
I adore your blog. :)

Amber said...

And I read it! I may be a bit later some weeks than others, but I do... Every last one of them. And I know you've already posted a response to everyone's responses, but I'm still going to give my "say". I don't think you should post your first chapter online. There ARE ways to protect your stuff, and you should. However, you might consider emailing it to a few people who you trust with not sharing it with anyone else. Sorry, the other interested masses would just have to wait until the book is published. You could post a small portion of it as a section of a blog post...but I wouldn't put the whole chapter on. That's just my opinion.

Now, for the piano students, I suggest you write about them, but hide their true identity. Thus, giving you a bit more freedom than you would have otherwise. Their approval wouldn't matter, and if you did want to share your blog with them, you at least wouldn't be forced to and could use your own discretion about who you inform about it.

A penny for my thoughts??? ;)

MelissaKeaster said...

Amber, I like your advice. I have to write about them--they are AWESOME. I probably will ask permission to put some photos up of our Halloween Tour coming up next month, but you're right about not putting up identities--that could pose a problem.